Sunday, July 16, 2017

Five Hundred Miles

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Haifa Bay International Airport

Aviation progress was, in many cases, much faster than expected. Countries and cities that invested in this direction are booming. In twenty years, the number of passenger airplanes worldwide will double. This development is integrated into the transition to a knowledge economy, and the importance of human capital over material capital.
The maritime port cities have declined considerably as traditional employment centers. Modern shipping requires limited manpower, and except for tourism, it no longer deals with transporting passengers.
The State of Israel, which enjoys the aura of one of the world's most advanced air force and aviation industry, is at the end of the list in the number of airports per capita. The aviation industry is concentrated in the center of the country, around the congested Ben Gurion Airport. The Haifa-Acre metropolis remains behind, especially brcause of the petrochemical plants, which prevent the development of modern services and dense housing.
There are several alternatives throughout the State of Israel to a second for Ben Gurion Airport. In view of the opposition to Ramat David, each of them, with the exception of that in Haifa Bay, will cause the north of the country to decline. Haifa Bay airport may, through minimal investment, become a medium-sized international airport, and through a long-term investment in several stages to the complementary for Ben Gurion Airport in terms of size and services. This is because Haifa's runway has the potential for synergy with the sea port by integrating it as a long wavebreaker, which will greatly increase the area of ​​the sea port.
The spectacular amphitheater of Haifa Bay evokes a sense of heights, creating a constant stimulus for the viewers. The title most commonly associated with 'air' is 'free', and natural air is free air. One thing is clear: Haifa metropolis needs an international airport as breathing air.
Theodor Herzel predicted that Haifa would be the most developed city in the country, and the invention of the airplane. He stated that the Jewish state, like the airplane, would be based on the principle of movement. Without movement it would collapse quickly. Anyone who tries to deprive Haifa-Acre metropolis of the constant movement that the aerial city creates negates Herzel's vision. Every magical place has its uniqueness. The airplanes flying over Haifa Bay are the top of it's magic, like peace doves.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Daedalus and Icarus

Here are some traditions, customs and modern cultural aspects regarding Daedalus and Icarus:

  • In Pliny's Natural History he is credited with inventing carpentry "and with it the saw, axe, plumb-line, drill, glue, and isinglass". 
  • Pausanias, in travelling around Greece, attributed to Daedalus numerous archaic wooden cult figures that impressed him: "All the works of this artist, though somewhat uncouth to look at, nevertheless have a touch of the divine in them."
  • It is said he first conceived masts and sails for ships for the navy of Minos. He is said to have carved statues so well they looked as if alive; even possessing self-motion. They would have escaped if not for the chain that bound them to the wall.
  • Daedalus gave his name to any Greek artificer and to many Greek contraptions that represented dextrous skill. At Plataea there was a festival, the Daedala, in which a temporary wooden altar was fashioned, and an effigy was made from an oak-tree and dressed in bridal attire. It was carried in a cart with a woman who acted as bridesmaid. The image was called Daedale and the archaic ritual given an explanation through a myth to the purpose.
  • In the period of Romanticism, Daedalus came to denote the classic artist, a skilled mature craftsman

  • In the period of Romanticism, Icarus symbolized the romantic artist, whose impetuous, passionate and rebellious nature, as well as his defiance of formal aesthetic and social conventions, may ultimately prove to be self-destructive. 
  • Stephen Dedalus, in Joyce's "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" envisages his future artist-self "a winged form flying above the waves ... a hawk-like man flying sunward above the sea, a prophecy of the end he had been born to serve”.
  • Ovid's treatment of the Icarus myth and its connection with that of Phaëthon influenced the mythological tradition in English literature as received and interpreted by major writers such as Chaucer, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Milton, and Joyce.
  • Bruegel's Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (ca. 1558), famous for relegating the fall to a scarcely noticed event in the background
  • In Renaissance iconography, the significance of Icarus depends on context: in the Orion Fountain at Messina, he is one of many figures associated with water; but he is also shown on the Bankruptcy Court of the Amsterdam Town Hall - where he symbolizes high-flying ambition. The 16th-century painting Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, traditionally but perhaps erroneously attributed to Pieter Bruegel the Elder, was the inspiration for two of the 20th century's most notable English-language poems.
  • Literary interpretation has found in the myth the structure and consequence of personal over-ambition. An Icarus-related study of the Daedalus myth was published by the French hellenist Françoise Frontisi-Ducroux.
  • In psychology there have been synthetic studies of the Icarus complex with respect to the alleged relationship between fascination for fire, enuresis, high ambition, and ascensionism.
  • In the psychiatric mind features of disease were perceived in the shape of the pendulous emotional ecstatic-high and depressive-low of bipolar disorder. Henry Murray having proposed the term Icarus complex, apparently found symptoms particularly in mania where a person is fond of heights, fascinated by both fire and water, narcissistic and observed with fantastical or far-fetched imaginary cognition.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be collected and created regarding this myth. It can be related to modern political events:
  • The 2001 twin towers disaster.
  • Deadalus is an inspiration for Jesus Christ, who is depicted also with wings. The airplane shape is that of a cross in the sky, so it can explain modern Antisemitism.
  • Theodore Herzel envisioned the airplane as something which will be depended of movement in order to stay in the sky. He wrote a novel about the inventor of the flying machine who destroy it after it create wars. 
  • The decision to build or not to build an airport or an airplane. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Moshe Kahlon at Haifa Leadership Conference 2017

The first panel on the second day at Haifa Leadership Conference dealt with 'leadership and entrepreneurship'. The panel opened with an interview with Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.
Kahlon's rose like meteor in the political arena. It is little doubt that he will be the next prime minister of Israel, and will do it well, together with his high-quality group. One tough test in front of him, except in the area of ​​finance, is about changing the face of Haifa metropolitan area, in which he is deeply involved.

During the interview Kahlon showed a good sense of humor:
Question: 'Would you agree to a Bibi-Moses style deal'? 
He replied: '' I felt insulted when the affair was published, because no journalist turned to me yet with a proposal for cooperation ''.
Question: ''Would you be willing to accept gifts as a government minister''? 
He replied: ''Am I at a wedding that I have to get gifts''?!
Question: ''Was Menachem Begin prepared to accept cigars''? 
He repliedd:? ''Begin would ask, 'What is a cigar?' ''
He had humorous answers to many other questions.
Humor is an important element in business and a finance minister has to have it because the combination of humor and business is essential for business success.

Kahlon has to understand that the Haifa metropolitan development equation is the moving of the petrochemical plants and the construction of an international airport in place. Haifa metropolitan area population is about one million inhabitants. The area has many attractions and educated population, but in the last generation there has been a significant socio-economic regression. The government does not add advanced industries and services but on the contrary, strengthen, through the existing regulation, the petrochemical plants in the bay. The need for gradual but full withdrawl of the petrochemical plants is blurred by the debate about the findings of air polution. The main problem of Haifa metropolitan area is its inability to be developed in general. This is due to a severe shortage of construction areas because of these enterprises.
Airports are the anchor for the model of the ''Aerial City'' of economic development, business location and urban development in the 21st century, in a similar way to that of ''Marine Cities'' of the past. Many studies confirm that a good airline service is an important component in the development of urban economy, and airports are the largest investment that a city or region can make. Airports influence the growth and development of cities and regions in many ways. There is a connection between the number of passengers at airports and the growth of employment in their respective regions. 10% growth in passenger traffic at an airport produces 1% growth in employment. More important is that airports and airlines services are closely related to the characteristics of the post-industrial knowledge based economy. The number of flights and number of passengers is parallel in percentage to college graduates, part of a knowledge-based work force, professional and creative jobs, and in particular to the concentration of high-tech industries. It's not the size of the city itself which count, but a minimum size threshold that helps the city to build an airport, thus creating higher levels of human capital. High-tech, tourism and hotels, entertainment, commerce, conferences, offices, etc., are all affected by the aviation industry.
Within the next 20 years the number of passenger airplanes will double. Many countries value the significance of this growth and ensures appropriate infrastructure development of ​​airports. Technology always precedes the infrastructure. More airplanes creates the need for new airports, and not vice versa. The process of building the infrastructure lasts a long time and do not always meet the needs.
Those who could predict the unprecedented expansion of the aviation industry and set up appropriate infrastructure, won an unprecedented economic boom. The most prominent example is Dubai. Its airport is now the largest in terms of passenger volume. From a remote oil state, Dubai has become a global center and millions of tourists and business people come to it every year.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Phi color combinations of the Tabernacle in the Bible

As it says in Exodus 26:1, “Make the tabernacle with ten curtains of finely twisted linen and blue, purple and scarlet yarn, with cherubim worked into them by a skilled craftsman.” 

This reference to the combination blue, purple and scarlet in the construction of the tabernacle appears 26 times in Exodus 25 through 39, describing the colors to be used in the curtains, waistbands, breastpieces, sashes and garments.

Set the primary color of the PhiBar to blue, the secondary color of the PhiBar to purple and the Phi color is scarlet, as illustrated below:

Tabernacle colors

Time = correction 2

Time = correction 2
This formula describe the integration between objective and subjective Time as a whole reality.

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