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Unique Distortions in the Holy Land Map

The relation between any two following numbers in the Golden Ratio mathematical series is always a permanent number: 1.618…

This relation is not an integer. It is irrational. It continues into infinity with numbers after the point.

This is one of the reasons why a systematic thinking of the Golden Ratio brings the philosopher to thoughts of constant change, chaos, randomaliy, and the origins of the universe.

At the same time that it creates harmonies, the Golden Ratio creates change, restlessness, obsession, and search.

One of the attributes of people who lead life of constant change is their ability to dream and imagine.
In order to live a satisfying life it is necessary to imagine and dream, and arrange the will and thoughts according to this.

The Holy Land Map is not an exact duplicate of the human body.

The comparison between Geography and Anatomy reveal many distortions against the model of an adult human figure.

These distortions are unique and can inspire.

They can teach us a lot about ourselves.

Here are some of the distortions in the Holy Land Map:

When following the exact lines of the landscape, the human figure which comes as a result resembles that of a fetus.
This is of course very interesting, but can be repulsive for representation.
So the final drawing is much more stately.

Jordan Valley
Jordan Valley's Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea are the eye and the ear in the map.
Together with Jordan River, these three water bodies can form an independent shape which reminds of an entire human figure, or at least a living creature with head, neck and body.
This personification drew the attention of poets and a special article is dedicated to it.
The eyes' nerves are about quarter of the brain, and the ears' bones are completed in the fetus.
Their being in the map as small organs and as an independent body is very interesting.
It gives the map its balance between right and left.

Face and Torso
The face in the map, the land between the river to the sea, is in an elongated, skinny form.
The Torso, Sinai Peninsula, is much more wide and fatty.
The face of the Holy Land Map appears in its external appearance: You can see the eye, ear, cheek, nose, mouth, etc.
The torso appears in its interior appearance: You can see the internal organ systems of the heart-lungs, liver-stomach, and intestines.
This double dissonance is according to the biblical descriptions of the fertile land–face as a narrow passing-through place, where the observation of the rules is dominant.
Sinai-desert is a vast and empty space where the direct inspiration of the Lord is much more feasible.

East Jordan Mountains, or the Red Mountains, are the hair because of their relative place and shape, and their appearance from the Jordan Valley.
These mountains create a wall between Land of Israel and Jordan deserts. They mark the path for countless scouting birds in their yearly migrations.
The biblical related story is that of Esau, twin of Jacob, the hairy guy who inherited part of this land.
The hair of the map-character is bountiful. It suggest that God is not a male nor a female but both.

Angel Rays
Hermon and Lebanon mountains have a V shape. Their snowy peaks are more then two kilometers above sea level and form between them the misty Baaka valley.
These ranges continue north to Asia Minor.
The stories about them are related to the tribe of Dan, whose land was in their southern intersection.
The meaning of the name 'Dan' in Hebrew is 'Judge'. The intersection a focal point, a logical optimum.
Abraham had his covenant with God at this point.

Energy Lines
Seven powerful energy lines cross the Land of Israel, in accord with the human body's energy lines.
The primary and strongest line is vertical, along the Jordan Valley.
The other six lines are horizontal, meridians, crossing from east to west along major mountain passes.
These seven lines reminds of the six days of the week and Shabbat, or the Divine lamp with the seven stems.
The distance along the Jordan Valley between each mountain pass is almost exactly 100 kilometers.
This precision can integrate between Healing and Geography.

The need to add colors and textures on order to enrich the character with details made it necessary to rely on the landscape as the human skin.
The primary lines-skeleton of the human shape of the Holy Land where covered with earth-skin in the Biblical sense of man's creation in the sixth day.

The Holy Land Map is a source of inspiration for the imagination. It encourages living according to dreaming.
It is a physical reality engraved in the soul to raise it from earth to heaven.

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Time = correction 2

Time = correction 2
This formula describe the integration between objective and subjective Time as a whole reality.

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